I know there are a lot of ALICE readers out there patiently waiting for Book 5, ALICE: Alliance. Then again the new Ranger readers are asking, “Hey what happens now?” after finishing Dragon’s Teeth (Hint: next book named The Dark Paladin). Then there are those people who have been paying close attention and asking, “Where is The Dowry you promised?”

Well I am working to get both ALICE and Ranger volumes finished and hope to have Dowry released very soon. As always, feel free to reach out with suggestions or questions on the existing stories, I always enjoy the input.

What happened to reading for fun?

I have run afoul of the PC police lately and decided to comment on it rather than ignore it. In my new Ranger series, I tried to create a diverse set of characters to give the story color and life. In book one, I tell a tale of a Civil War soldier drawn into war by the unfortunate deaths of his sons at Union Soldier hands. They were non-combatants killed in error. It was only a moment in the book and is relevant to the story in several ways.

First, the character telling the tale was a former Confederate officer, now Wizard King, so likely to know Southern soldiers, not Northers. Second it was the tale of how one man can influence the outcome of a battle, his influence and abilities far greater than his number.

I had a reviewer chastise me for daring to name a sympathetic southern character, inferring there were no southern victims from that war.

Now, in the second book, I have a reviewer calling me racist for making a tribe of Dwarves Yiddish. Its all very Mel Brooksian and the trait they object to is already labeled to all dwarves, not just these. My proofers, some Jewish, commented on how much they enjoyed them, although one did say it might generate a disapproving comment or two from the less open minded.

As with my ALICE series, I seem to have a knack for unintentionally offending some group or another without trying to do so. What happened to just being able to read for fun without worrying about being offended.

Fear not, I will not let these Politically Correct reviews change how I tell my stories. Just know that my stories are not intended to insult or offend, its all in good fun.

I am a little worried about the Angry Unicorn protesters though.

Audio Update!

So I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is I misunderstood the information forwarded to me and the Ranger release is 6/12 not 5/24. Sorry.

The good news is Dragon’s Audio release will coincide with the eBook release on 6/30!


SO after a few technical issues that only those of you in IT would understand (host header issues) we are finally up on www.cw-lamb.com.

I hope you find this new site much more enjoyable than the old one. Please feel free to make recommendations on what else you might like to see here.


Hello world!

So welcome to my new website! Truth be told, my editor and I were talking recently and he mentioned that I really needed to start refining my brand. With 5 completed titles and a 6th on the way, I really needed to start reaching out to the readers. That was his kind was of saying my existing website sucked!

Computer geek that I am, I had tried to post a simple HTML site with the minimal amount of content. In this day and age, that just doesn’t cut it.

So thank Pat and keep watching for more content and features as I continue to hone this site.

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