What happened to reading for fun?

I have run afoul of the PC police lately and decided to comment on it rather than ignore it. In my new Ranger series, I tried to create a diverse set of characters to give the story color and life. In book one, I tell a tale of a Civil War soldier drawn into war by the unfortunate deaths of his sons at Union Soldier hands. They were non-combatants killed in error. It was only a moment in the book and is relevant to the story in several ways.

First, the character telling the tale was a former Confederate officer, now Wizard King, so likely to know Southern soldiers, not Northers. Second it was the tale of how one man can influence the outcome of a battle, his influence and abilities far greater than his number.

I had a reviewer chastise me for daring to name a sympathetic southern character, inferring there were no southern victims from that war.

Now, in the second book, I have a reviewer calling me racist for making a tribe of Dwarves Yiddish. Its all very Mel Brooksian and the trait they object to is already labeled to all dwarves, not just these. My proofers, some Jewish, commented on how much they enjoyed them, although one did say it might generate a disapproving comment or two from the less open minded.

As with my ALICE series, I seem to have a knack for unintentionally offending some group or another without trying to do so. What happened to just being able to read for fun without worrying about being offended.

Fear not, I will not let these Politically Correct reviews change how I tell my stories. Just know that my stories are not intended to insult or offend, its all in good fun.

I am a little worried about the Angry Unicorn protesters though.

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  1. I haven’t read the Alice series but have thoroughly enjoyed the Rangers series. One of my favorite parts of both books what’s the Yiddish dwarves. It seems written in fun and respect in every aspect. Keep up the good work!

  2. Love this. Thanks for sharing and I thought I was alone.

    I write action adventure, suspense novels about human trafficking, bondage and domestic slavery of young women in the Third World (where I was born and grew up), and I seem to offend people for calling things as they are. Middle eastern and Indian men especially object to my work, sometimes berating me for writing stories that make them “look bad.”

    To them I say, to hell with you. My stories are based on the real world and if you don’t like it, change your goddammed behaviour and stop abusing young girls for a change! Makes me mad, but I’m trying to not let it get me and continue writing as I feel like I really need to tell their stories.

    1. Amen! Tikiri I completely understand and admire your dedication. Telling the truth can only make things better, its not like you are crafting stories to degrade these women.

  3. Charles:

    Ignore the PC howlers. People who listen to barking dogs go deaf early, and don’t learn anything of value. I picked up both of your Ranger books and really enjoyed them. I found the Yiddish dwarves to be hilarious, as I’m sure you intended them to be. I never considered them to be a disparagement of the Jewish religion or people. As for the people objecting to King Ben being a nice former Confederate officer; that just shows their lack of understanding of all sides and people involved in the American Civil War, sometimes also known as the War of Northern Aggression. It wasn’t a good time in America, and slavery is the pits, but in my opinion, the government unilaterally taking away your means of livelihood without compensation is equally objectionable; it’s merely trading one form of slavery for another.

    I’m halfway through AL:ICE, and so far, looks like I’ll grab the next two also. I’m not sure the works of man would hold up quite as well for that period of time as they do in your story, but that’s not a big issue. Your technological extrapolation for the story is also reasonable and believable. Your social dynamics within the story feel like each of the characters are a little too like minded; but the fact that the AL:ICEs are vetting each of the inside participants, it seems natural that the would select for people of similar attitudes and behaviors. Flow and timing in the story is good. I like it and I’ll recommend you to anyone looking for something fun to read.

    Keep on writing!

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