I was talking with my editor the other day and I mentioned the number of reviews the ALICE series gets mentioning how they think it would make a great TV show. Now we all agree this is HBO or Netflix material and not mainstream but the combination of western 1800s mixed with aliens in space infers a more adult Firefly?

My editor suggested I post the question and see how many readers felt this way. Anyone else have a comment on this?

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  1. Me too but it needs too be a bit gritty and realistic and absolute need to feel for characters
    Strong male female and even young child that smart vunable funny and cheeky
    WOULD work

  2. I’d watch it. The concept has potential and precedent. Consider the Buck Rogers, V, Genesis II, Plant Earth, and Strange New World television series (the last three by Gene Roddenberry never seemed to take off well) all work with a heroic man displaced into the future.

    However, the current state of feminism in the U.S. would probably require reconceptualizing just who and why individuals are recruited to Jake’s inner circle. Although your story shows these women to be rather strong individualists, I suspect an overly vocal minority of women in the U.S. would find that arrangement to be highly sexist and patriarchal. Hard to get anything like that through the entertainment industry.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed through.

  3. I miss Firefly and to me this would be the ideal series that would fill the void! I hope the right network agrees and does right.

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