Question for ALICE readers?

As I work through the story line for ALICE 5, I am having to pick and choose which characters from books 1-4 to focus on. I was thinking to ask you, the readers, which of these characters you wanted to see more of in this book?

I am also considering releasing free short stories on my website focusing on certain characters in the period between ALICE 4, Space War and ALICE 5, Alliance. There is a 10 year jump between the two and it allows me to give the dedicated fans a little more. There wont be any explanations so if you haven’t read the books they probably wont make a lot of sense.

Feel free to post feedback and let me know what you want to see.


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  1. I would love to see stories about the people that are only mentioned in the other books….More stories about the Alices and the inneractions with the head of managers of those locations. Is it Dakota that has a manager that isn’t one of the “Women”? Love the books by the way and can’t wait til 5….

    1. Thanks Dana, yes James is the Dakota commander. Bill from Alaska’s son, he was one of the people who chose to leave and take on a new role. he is a good choice!

    1. I have a goal for the end of this year, however that are some things afoot that might prevent that from happening. I have started it, Title AL:ICE Alliance, but it has been slow going.

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