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OK, for all you non-Kindle Unlimited readers who have not taken a chance on the $3.99 for my Lost Ranger fantasy I have good news. starting today it is reduced to $0.99 starting at 11 am eastern.

Great News for Paperback Readers!

Most of you probably don’t know, but Amazon has consolidated their Print on Demand services under the Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP. For us authors that had been in the Create Space services this meant moving our books over and re-registering them if you will.

In following the new process as I moved them over, I was able to drop my print prices to a more reasonable, in my opinion, price range. You will now find all my hard copy prices between $7.99 and $9.99, far more typical for a traditionally printed paperback.

This in no way effects my eBook sales, it as only applicable to the hard copy divisions under Amazon.


Most of you know that I try and read every review posted on my work. It’s not because I am some secret masochist or that I am looking for reader validation and praise (OK, mostly not for the praise).

I do it for two reasons. The first is to see if I am hitting the mark for what the readers want to see in my stories. While that’s almost the only feedback I get outside of the proofers and though they are great, they are limited in number and don’t cover every demographic. You will see in a lot of my reviews an acknowledgement of thanks or a possible reply to a comment from the reader.

The second reason I look over my reviews is to correct mistakes. The wonderful thing about eBooks is I can release a corrected version and everyone who purchased a copy can get the update for free.

Now why am I droning on about all this? Well Amazon has made some changes on how they allow reviews and in some cases are removing them. The intent is good as they are trying to fix the problem of fake reviews which hurts us all.

Because of this I am getting fewer reviews and am having a hard time tracking when new ones show up.  So, if you post a review and don’t see my reply, it’s only because I didn’t catch the update with the shifting numbers.


For those of you that are wondering how it is that Kinsey got a featured role in the Ranger series, I offer the following. A dog with personality!


A Big Thank You!

Tantor, my audio book publisher, reached out to me to let me know early sales for Ranger and Dragon’s Teeth were fantastic! Just wanted to say thanks to all of you that enjoy that format.


I was talking with my editor the other day and I mentioned the number of reviews the ALICE series gets mentioning how they think it would make a great TV show. Now we all agree this is HBO or Netflix material and not mainstream but the combination of western 1800s mixed with aliens in space infers a more adult Firefly?

My editor suggested I post the question and see how many readers felt this way. Anyone else have a comment on this?

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